Alleya: Powerful and complete.


Alleya by Her brings you elegant crystal jewellery infused with intention. Our timeless pieces are crafted using finely polished, 14-karat gold plating and stainless steel perfectly paired with authentic crystals. Our bracelets have a high polish finish with a seamless clasp to bring an elegant and modern yet timeless bracelet. We have meticulously sourced our metals to create durable, water-resistant and high quality bracelets.

Each crystal is chosen based on the curative properties it possesses and the empowerment it can bring into your life based on your personal needs. Our collection consists of crystals and semi-precious stones meant to inspire perspective and align you with your unique purpose. Every piece is created to positively impact your vibrational energy and help you tap into what your soul craves. In short, our mission is more than just crafting beautiful jewellery.

We want Alleya wearers to rise to their greatest self, to find their power and to spread a message of self-love. We created Alleya with the knowledge that crystals have the ability to make us more present and attuned to the areas in our lives that require more thought. Our crystals reflect the individuality within each one of us. They are a reminder to uphold your truth and individuality. Just like you are a unique being, no two crystals will ever be the *same due to the natural extractions of each stone. Our pieces are customizable. You are able to select your precious metal and crystal, which can also be changed daily with the complete set depending on your personalized needs.

While aesthetically elegant, our jewellery also helps connect you to a meaning and internal beauty specific to you.By selecting your style and crystal setting, you are setting an intention specific to the life you hope to create with Alleya By Her jewellery at your side.


*Please note individual crystals and stones have natural variations in colour and may also appear different in different metal settings.