What is your jewelry make out of?
Our Alleya bracelets and crystal plates are crafted out of stainless steel as it is an environmentally friendly metal, bring you jewelry that is durable, tarnish resistant, water resistant and hypoallergenic. We have intentionally used this media to make our beautiful bracelets wearable for all occasions. Our gold bracelets and gold crystal beds are 14 karat gold plated.


Are your crystals real? 
Our crystals are all authentic and sustainably sourced crystals. 

For more details and information read about our Origin


How does the Alleya bracelet work?
Our bracelets designed to be seamlessly interchanged. Pick and chose what crystal you want to wear and switch out your collection as often as you want by simply twisting the crystal head in and out to secure it in your bracelet.

Our bracelets have a seamless clasp which are sturdy and secure however easy to open and close to take your bracelets off and on.

Watch our 'how to interchange your crystals' video to see more. 

How does my bracelet stay on?

Our bracelets and crystals once screwed in, are incredibly sturdy, secure and durable.  

We do multiple quality control checks to ensure your bracelet will not open or fall off and your crystals will not come out. 

We recommend every day, or with every new wear, even during the day, give your crystal a little twist to ensure it is fastened into the bracelet. 

Why does my crystal look different to the photos or to my friends?

Alleya By Her prides our brand on sourcing authentic crystals. Genuine crystals and precious stones have natural variations in color, gradients and shades therefore differences in each crystal and each bracelets. This mean that no two crystals and colours of bracelets will ever look the same and we love it that way. It represents us as no two individuals are the same and we celebrate and encourage that as a brand. 

How long will my Alleya bracelet last? 

Our bracelets are designed to be timeless and keep sakes. So long as you follow the care instructions and look after your bracelet they can last up to 5 years. 

How long will shipping take?
We ship out of Sydney, Australia. *Standard domestic orders will take 1-3 business days. 

For all *international shipping, expect 10-14 business days for standard shipping and 4-7 business days for express shipping.

 For more, please refer to our shipping policy

*please notes: shipping may be delayed due Covid19 quarantine protocols and delays in devilry services. 

How much does shopping cost?
All shipping is FREE worldwide on orders over $125. 

*Australian Shipping: 

Standard: from $9

Express: from $12

*International Shipping: 

Standard: from $15

Express: From $25

*Please note, prices are estimates and ‘from’ costs. Prices may vary. 


Can I swim / shower with my jewlery on? 
You can shower, swim in the ocean or in pools with your Alleya bracelet as 

our jewlery is curated to be water resistant and tarnish resistant, making your Alleya bracelet incredibly durable.

While each bracelet is water resistant, we recommend still taking care and caution, particularly in salt and chlorinated waters. 


Can I exchange, refund or return an online purchase?
Exchanges, refunds and returns can all be made within 30 days of initial purchase as long as there is proof of purchase and your bracelet is in good condition. 

For more, please refer to our refund policy

How do I clean my jewlery?
We give you a microfibre towel with each purchase to clean your bracelet. If you want to do a deeper clean we suggest wither warm water alone or with soap. 

For more information refer to our ‘Caring for your Bracelet and Crystals’ page. 


Can I purchase your jewlery online internationally?
Absolutely. We ship worldwide. 

How do I determine what size I am?
Sizes are based on wrist circumference. 

Small-Medium: 14.5-16.5cm / 5-6 inches 

Medium- Large: 17-19cm / 6-7 inches

Please refer to our sizing chart for more.

How will my Alleya order be packaged? 
All orders are packaged in our custom Alleya By Her jewelry boxes, each with 6 imprints, designed to hold your complete your Alleya collection and shipped in recyclable boxes. 

To lessen our carbon footprint and to ensure we are working towards being as sustainable as possible, we package appropriately into one box when multiple pieces are purchased together. 

All of our order are hand packed with care and love from her, to you.