Founding sisters, Hope and Evie have always shared a zest for life. Both women, while so different in their personalities and styles -think blazers and heels for one and cargo pants and sneakers for the latter -have long bonded over an appreciation for crystals and what they represent.

What initially drew Hope and Evie to crystals was their interest in the different properties specific crystals represent. To them, the fact that something as small and beautiful as a natural stone could have such a strong meaning and power was fascinating. They recognized that a crystal’s true power is in its ability to plant a subconscious seed in the mind that ultimately manifests into a specific intention. This led to the realization that when we focus on what we want, we have the power to create the life we desire. By selecting a stone that’s in line with our intentions and hopes, we hold the ability to make dreams a reality.  

Still, while both Hope and Evie appreciated the concept of crystals, they struggled to find a way to integrate them into their lives in a meaningful way. They wanted to be able to select a crystal depending on what they needed in that exact moment and carry it with them through the day in a manner that suited the modern, empowered woman. So, they endeavored to create a piece of jewelry that felt chic and timeless, but held a deeper meaning. And they succeeded. Together, the women created a striking bracelet that allows the wearer to screw in the exact crystal they need to help ground and center them. They designed a bangle that is just as fashionable as it is versatile. Thus, Alleya was born.

Alleya represents something more than surface level. It’s for the woman interested in something deeper, something that’s not just beautiful but infused with intention and self-awareness. It’s a reminder that you can create your own reality with what you bring into each day. It’s a reminder that beauty and worth is much more than what we can see. It is, in essence, a way of life.

Our elegant crystal jewellery is infused with intention crafted using finely polished, 14-karat gold plating and stainless steel perfectly paired with authentic crystals. Our bracelets have a high polish finish with a seamless clasp to bring an elegant and modern yet timeless bracelet to inspire perspective and align you with your unique purpose. We have meticulously sourced our metals to create durable, water-resistant and high quality bracelets. 

In short, our mission is more than just crafting beautiful jewellery. We want Alleya wearers to rise to their greatest self, to find their power and to spread a message of self-love. We created Alleya with the knowledge that crystals have the ability to make us more present and attuned to the areas in our lives that require more thought. Our crystals reflect the individuality within each one of us. They are a reminder to uphold your truth and individuality and an intention specific to the life you desire to create. Read more about the origin of Alleya By Her

Alleya means you are bold and you are powerful. You are independent and inquisitive. You know what you want and why you want it.

At 4am, in a Lower East Side hotel room in New York City, Alleya was born.


For you,

By HER xx