Alleya By Her

Communication Bracelet- Gold

$169 USD

For when you need to speak your truth

Affirmation -
I am not afraid to express my feelings. I speak my truth unconditionally and confidently.

Our timeless and delicate 14k gold, timeless square and round style bracelets are seamlessly finished with a hand crafted, authentic Blue Agate Crystal. Bringing you the perfect match of purpose and  intent to embed  into your style.

When you need to calm your nerves and soothe your energy, blue agate will connect you to your intuition when making challenging decisions and helping you verbalize your thoughts clearly and honestly. Have comfort in knowing the intention and durability of this bracelet will bring you peace and suit all life’s events. 

Our bracelets and authentic crystal setttings are made from high quality stainless steel and finely polished 14k gold plating, seamlessly finished by a clasp. 

All of our intentionally specially designed to be tarnish-free, water resistant and hypoallergenic, perfect for any wear at any time.

For single crystals, they are stand alone products and not sold with our bracelets. Our bracelet with crystal combination should be purchased initially with single crystals as a secondary or add on purchase to be  interchanged or stacked with your bracelet or to complete your Alleya collection.

Each crystal head fits into and can be interchanged in both square and round braclete styles.

Please note, due to the natural variations of crystals, colors and gradietns of each crystals will vary slightly between each braclete.

For "normal" sized wrists we recommend a size S-M for a more fitted fit. 

If you prefer a looser, bangle style or know you have slightly thicker wrists, we recommend opting for a M-L. 









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