Grounding Crystals

Crystal's have been used from the likes of Kate Hudson, Miranda Kerr, Gisele Bunchen and even her husband, Tom Brady before the 2019 Super Bowl. With the protection, grounding and balancing properties present, It's no surprise that these Hollywood A-listers carry crystals around with them on the daily. 
Crystals are quickly making headway into mainstream spotlight, seeing the craze is in full force and with good reason too! 
One might debate crystals and their energy but what we can't deny is the power of the mind and of positive energy. Each crystal emanates different property with each stone possessing different inherent energies and meanings to address specific needs or focuses to bring into your life.
When it comes to feeling centred, balanced and grounded, our Red Garnet aka our "Grounding Crystal" will help to bring realignment back into your life and yourself. Today's faced paced world can often feel overwhelming by the demands, responsibility and time crunches that we face in our day-to-day life and we often oversee or are moving too quickly to enjoy the small things and moments in between the madness. With our positive affirmation in one hand and your "Grounding Crystal" on the other wrist, you can feel secure in knowing that each time you look at your Alleya bracelet you feel more centred, whole and set the intention of being more grounded which will translate into your actions and thoughts in your life! 
Wear our "Grounding Crystal" to reduce anxiety, insecurity and anger and bring back the focus of balance and centeredness into your life. Bring more clarity into your day and feel more in tune with yourself and your needs in style with our gorgeous deep red stone. Use our "Grounding Crystal" to add a beautiful pop of colour to your outfits and standout in your jewlery collection while supporting you to feel more grounded through any life circumstance that comes your way.