Bracelets with Crystals

Bracelets and Crystals 

Alleya By Her is designed to be a simple yet elegant accessory by fusing bracelets with crystals to bring a meaningful piece of jewelry to your collection. Our collection of spellbinding pieces of our crystal bracelets creates a beautiful gift on its own or stacked perfectly with any of our other bracelets with crystals. Discover and bespoke from our collection of bracelets with crystals and find the perfect accessory to adore your wrist and add a finishing touch and message of empowerment to each outfit. 


Intentionally Crafted Crystal Bracelets 

From adding meaning and additional focus on feeling loved, grounded or protected within yourself, our bracelets are styled to suit any taste and situation life presents. Browse our range of bracelets in our round and squared finishes, silver and gold tones and different crystals to add meaning through an interchangeable and chic design. Stack your bracelets by mixing and matching your crystals based on what you feel you need to bring into your life, focus on, or simply for aesthetic for a modern and stylish take on this bracelet with crystal trend. 


Crafting your Crystal Bracelets 

wether you are wanting to add extra flair to your gold bracelet or silver bracelet, our design has been created to bring you a chic and flawless design, while brining intention to the modern woman. Select our gold-tone or silver bracelet with our beautiful protection crystal, love crystal and healing crystals amongst others for a dazzling statement of sophistication and elegance with a modern touch. Experiment with your styling and wear these bangles alone or stack them together. Create a beautifully minimalistic design by interchanging and infusing your bracelet with our crystals. Alleya By Her as a selection of bracelets to satisfy any life circumstance and style.