Bracelet's For Her

When it comes to buying bracelet's for her, Alleya by her has you covered. Designed by women with the everyday divine feminine in mind to bring you jewellery that brings out the most in each of us and empowers you through your day. 

Our beautiful selection of silver and gold bangles, combined with carefully curated crystals brings you the perfect bracelet for her. 


At Alleya By Her, we have redefined Her as an adjective. A word to describe the qualities or states of being that encapsulates, embraces and empowers the divine feminine in all of her being. Her beauty, imperfections and innate goddess power. She is strength, she is open to receiving, proud of every facet of her being and not afraid to speak her mind. she is powerful and she is Her. 

Here are out top 3 bracelet's for Her - 

1. The Love Bracelet for Her 

The perfect bracelet for her is our signature Love bracelet. Combining our timeless, polish finished silver or 14k gold plated bangle with our authentic rose quartz crystal brings you the most divine bracelet for her. Gift your loved one or yourself the focus and addition of extra love, nurturing and kindness towards oneself and those around us as our love bracelet sets the intention to expand self love and acceptance into each day. 


2. The Generosity Bracelet for Her 

The next bracelet for her is our Generosity Bracelet. Add a gorgeous, deep-pop of colour to your jewellery collection with our green agate crystal while providing yourself or a nearest and dearest a little self-esteem boost in style. Let our Generosity Bracelet be the daily reminder to trust yourself, your decisions and what is true to you. This bracelet for her will set a strong internal tone and make you feel a little braver every time you wear her. 


3. The Contentment Bracelet for Her 

The final bracelet for her is our Contentment Bracelet. Our amethyst crystal adds a subtle colour fo a divine statement piece to any outfit and sets the intention of bringing in greater confidence into your day. With our Contentment Bracelet, feel inspired and know you are capable of anything and bring in greater belief into yourself. This bracelet for her will be the daily reminder to keep your head held high and replace doubt with meaningful action into all areas of your life. 


From you or your partner to your sister, grandmother, best friend or yourself - whatever your style is, Alleya By Her brings you the perfect, must-have gift, that is more than jewellery for those you want to share the love with and help feel empowered while completing any outfit.